Teenage girl (17 years) with children (8-9 years) sitting on paddle board by water sports equipment centerSigning your kid up for camp doesn’t just keep them busy in the now, but it also provides benefits to last a lifetime. Child development experts identify camp as a leading way for children to mature socially, emotionally, physically, morally and intellectually. The best part is all of this occurs while they are simply having a good time. Since camp offers so many opportunities for different activities it also serves as a great way for kids to discover new interests.

According to author, educator, noted psychologist and senior member of the Search Institute in Minneapolis, Peter Scales, Ph.D., “Camp is one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment. Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs.” (Reference)

Camp offers a wide range of lasting benefits for kids, helping them develop the skills necessary to live a successful, happy and fulfilled life. Here are 6 summer camp activities that benefit your child long into the future.
1. Team Sports
Team sports are a great way for kids to meet new friends and learn how to work with others to accomplish the same goal. These skills are invaluable throughout life in order to succeed in future academic pursuits and careers. Even kids that tend to hold back while playing team sports in school are more confident and carefree when it comes to playing sports at camp.

2. Eating
Eating is a favorite activity amongst most kids and adults, but eating at camp can serve up healthy portions of lasting benefits. Camps that offer healthy food options help demonstrate how to eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, kids eat together which promotes socialization skills.

Foods your kid might not be willing to try at home are more likely to be consumed at camp thanks to simply seeing other kids eating and enjoying it (oh the joys of peer pressure). You never know, your broccoli-hater might just come home with a new favorite veggie… what could be better than that?

3. Hanging Out With Camp Counselors
Camp counselors are carefully selected in order to provide the best example possible for campers. Camp counselors are younger than mom and dad, giving them that ‘cool’ appeal kids are attracted to. Having a ‘cool’ older person to look up to and set a good example will serve your child positively now and in the future.

4. Participating In New And Unfamiliar Activities
Camp provides kids with an ongoing rotation of new and varied activities. Kids are likely to come across things they wouldn’t otherwise experience. This exposure broadens their world knowledge and provides kids with new areas of interest. We all have passions but we must discover our passions before we can pursue them. The activities your child participates in at camp could alter their entire future.

Enjoying new activities increases your child’s confidence and gives them the drive to try new things even when they are not at camp.

5. Hiking
Hiking, mountain biking or canoeing are just a few physical activities that take place at quality camps for kids. No matter what type of physical activity your child participates in at camp they are benefiting from the workout, both mentally and physically. Living an active lifestyle as a child is proven to increase the likelihood one will stay active as an adult. This is important because regular physical activity is key to staying healthy at any age. Keeping kids active in camp is beneficial to their current health and sets a good example for how to maintain their health in the future.

6. Scuba Diving
Exploring the underwater world first-hand is a huge and exciting opportunity for anyone. Experiences like this will stick with your child forever, as well as much of what they learn throughout the process. This promotes a greater chance for kids to peruse similar endeavors that broaden the mind and body in the future. It may also open unexpected doors to new opportunities, interests, educational pursuits, and someday a career path.

The Most Important Things Kids Take Home From Camp
Quality camp environments provide kids with numerous benefits they can turn to for the rest of their life. The most widely noted benefits of camp include:

-Social skills related to making and keeping friends, as well as working together.
-Learning more about nature and how to preserve the beautiful landscapes we (and many animals) call home.
-A sense of independence gained through being on their own without mom and dad and accomplishing new things.
-Resilience, even if your child fails at camp they will be encouraged by all to get back up and try again. This type of supportive environment builds extreme resilience (and confidence) necessary for lifelong success.
-Discovering new activities and interests they enjoy.

At Camp Live Oak we work hard to provide campers with the best experiences possible, year after year. Games, activities, sports and all other activities are formulated to build kids up today and into the future.

This has been the first camp ever that my son didn’t complain about going in the morning, but he did tell me about the friends he made and the things he did. We love this camp!

Mrs. P

We are really happy with Camp Live Oak and our daughter Georgia can’t wait for Winter Session!

Mrs. L

Loved the fact that the camp worked with me and kept my son very active every day. He definitely wasn’t bored.

Mrs. Y