Activities To Do in The Fall

For getting out and about, the season doesn’t get better than the fall season. It may be one of the most beloved seasons. The crisp, golden-hued days make it a gorgeous time of the year for plenty of outdoor activities. There are countless fall traditions to enjoy. Here are some activities to enjoy in the fall season.

Mid-day Hiking

One of the best things about fall is that you can go for a hike at any time of the day. This includes the middle of the day, which is too hot during summer for most people to go hiking. In the fall, hiking is great because you can go any time of day without being suffocated by humidity or hot mid-day sun beating down on you. Layer up when you go. The day may feel cool when the hikes begin but you can work up a sweat quickly the further you go.


Swimming pools are actually warmer than the outside temperature in the colder months. The good thing about swimming in the fall season is that you can avoid the crowded lanes. And as the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder, most pools are often heated.


Bonfire is the ultimate gathering place for a cool and crisp fall night. This is a nice fall activity for family and friends to get together and socialize. Once everybody has had their fill of food, there is plenty of fun to be had. From sing-along campfire songs to playful field games. The mood can also be set by a feel-good playlist and outdoor speakers. Also inviting people to dance around if there is space to safely do so

Bird Watching

The fall season is a very exciting time for watching birds. It also happens to be the migrating season for plenty of species. So, it is a good opportunity to see a variety of birds, both native and visiting. To be sure, pack a pair of binoculars in your camping gear and try to go looking for birds earlier in the day. In the morning, are more active.

Leaf Collecting

The change in tree leaves comes in a variety of colors and chances are there are multiple types of trees wherever you decide to go for camp. An especially fun activity for kids is for everyone to start their own leaf collections. This can be a great way to appreciate the fall season and get some souvenirs from the trip. It is also good to bring along some art supplies for children, for some cool nature-themed art projects.

Going For a Walk in the Forest

The fall season is a great time to go out in nature. The temperature is pleasant, not too cold and not too hot. With orange, red, and yellow leaves spread across the forest floor, going for a walk is one of the best fall activities. It is perfect for photos (try to toss some leaves in the air and take a picture) and the kids love jumping in the leaf piles.

Riding Bikes

Nothing screams fall camping than riding bikes. Riding over crunchy leaves or dirt biking on beautiful otherwise inaccessible trails. So, make sure to bring your bikes and dirt bikes. The air is chill so you won’t overheat. It is a great time to let the kids run wild.

About Camp Live Oak

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