Avoiding Insect Bites and Stings This Summer

Ah! Summer – the season of blue skies, bluer seas, beautiful flowers, and outdoor activities galore! Barbeques abound, bare feet and flip flops are the norm, and vacations allow everyone to escape to their favorite places. But there is a down side, summertime is when bugs and bees are swarming, mating, and doing all sorts of insect activities as well. And just so everyone enjoys summer fun to its fullest, here are some ways you can be proactive and avoid the bee stings and bug bites that invariably accompany summer.

Be on the Lookout for Beehives and Wasp Nests

While you may think it would be easy to spot beehives and wasp nests, it’s not! Insects often build their homes in all the hidden nooks and crannies of your home – under the gutters, among the tree branches, in the eaves, and even in the ground. Knowing this as you mow, garden, rake, sweep, and clean, can help you steer clear of those pesky critters and their bites and stings.

Take Care when You Go Barefoot or Wear Flip Flops

Knowing that yellow jackets live in the ground and bees tend to hover around the flowers on low-growing plants like clover, you should wear shoes to avoid stings while in grass covered areas. Bare feet and flip flops often result in stings which can be avoided with shoes.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely When Outside

Yes, its true, what you wear can attract insects to you. When you choose big, bold bright colors with showy flowers or patterns or glitzy, sparkling, colorful jewelry, you will attract insects like wasps, mosquitos, and bees! You can avoid this unwanted attention as well as stings and bites by wearing muted hues and earth tones when outside.

Leave the Sweet Smelling Perfume, Cologne, Body Spray, and Other Product for Inside

Insects, like bees and bugs, are naturally attracted to fragrant flowers and when you wear sweet smelling fragrances you can have the same effect, attracting them to your signature scent. When your plans include spending the day or night outside, you’ll want to avoid adding perfume and cologne or putting fragrance laden products on your skin or hair. Instead, choose fragrance free beauty products. If you don’t mind the scent, you can apply eat garlic and onions to repel mosquitos and more.

Take Note of Your Drinks in Cups, Cans, and Bottles

When you are outdoors in the summer, you’ll need to stay hydrated. While water is a great choice, most people opt for something sweet at barbeques, picnics, and summer parties. When drinking in the cold, sweet beverages of summer, always check your cups, cans, or bottles before you sip because insects love those drinks too! You don’t want to accidentally swallow an insect that can sting or bite you. Cupcake liners can offer a simple, inexpensive solution. Place the cupcake liner over the cups, cans, or bottles and poke a straw through the center to keep bugs away!

Keep Calm and Still During Insect Encounters

When bugs and bees come in for a close encounter, your initial reaction is to quickly move away or shoo the insect out of your personal space. Take a second, and slowly and calmly move away from the insect to avoid being bitten or stung.

Bees and bugs are a part of nature, important to the overall global ecosystem, and by following these simple tips, people and insects can live together successfully – without bites or stings!

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