Camping During the Winter

If you love outdoor ventures, then camping during the winter will intrigue you. It’s not only best for grownups but kids as well. While other regions are being hit by blizzards, Florida has the best weather for camping. To understand what camping during the winter is like, read on: 

Camping Checklist

You can find camping checklists everywhere from the internet, to books and magazines. But when it comes to camping in Florida, you’ll need the following

  •     Sunscreen
  •     Binoculars
  •     Sleeping Bags
  •     Water
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Battery radio
  •     Emergency contacts
  •     Hat or cap to block the sun
  •     An extra pair of clothing
  •     Trash bags
  •     Map of the area
  •     Toiletries
  •     First-aid kit
  •     Flashlight
  •     Insect Repellant 

Benefits of Camping to Kids

Irrespective of the camping style you prefer, winter camping plays an important role to play on kids. And the following are some of the benefits: 

  •     Helps them to develop self-esteem
  •     Enlightens the kids on survival skills 
  •     Interacting with nature has direct health benefits through relieving mental stress. 
  •     Give them time off technology
  •     Educates them on the benefits of nature
  •     Helps with social development

Ways to Camp During Winter

Tent Camping

Out of the three options on this list, tent camping is the most adventurous. However, you will need to set your tent wisely to avoid an uncomfortable night. With the right guide, it should be a simple process. Unlike the other two, tent camping fosters interaction with nature. And the only thing that separates you two is the tent. Therefore, if you want an epic camping experience, tent camping will do. 

Cabin Camping

Cabin camping allows you to explore nature throughout the day, and appreciate its comfort at night. Like tent camping, it’s a classic. In some places, you will find cabins with lanterns and cooking spots over the fireplace. But nowadays, cabins have electricity and a warm bed to relax on at night. 

RV Camping 

If you want a taste of comfort as well as adventurous experiencing during winter camping, try RV Camping. There’s little to worry about during preparation and the nights are bound to be warm. Since an RV has everything, you don’t have to unpack, unless you want to set up an outdoor cooking spot. Also, it’s flexible since you can go camping in several places without restrictions. 

Camping in Florida 

Florida is a region with near-perfect weather. Therefore, your kids will have enough time to play and explore nature in different camping facilities. Having a well-defined holiday plan, you can tell the sort of activities that the kids will engage in. 

Depending on the camp site visited will determine the activities offered. The vast range of camping activities is another factor that will draw people to certain areas. Some of their activities include:

  •     Sports
  •     Guest Speakers Session
  •     Field Trips
  •     Starlight sleepover
  •     Surfing
  •     Swimming
  •     Hiking
  •     Art and Craft
  •     Canoeing
  •     Science Program

But most importantly, is that your kids will experience an all-around camping experience. To those who need a scholarship for a camp session, they are available but limited. Other than that, it’s the best winter camp that your kids will appreciate. 

Final Take 

Camping during the winter is an amazing experience. Depending on the location, the weather can be ideal for outdoor activities without getting too chilly. While Camp Live Oak does not offer camping in the winter, Camp Live Oak looks forward to welcoming campers back in the spring and summer. Similarly to camping in winter, the same checklist can apply to the warmer months when Camp Live Oak begins operating again. For more information, contact Camp Live Oak.

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