Mother’s Day is Nearly Here! Are you Ready?

Mother’s Day is around the corner and is also a reminder to shower your mother with all the love and pampering she deserves. However, this not being a regular year, most of us will spend it celebrating at our homes. Some of us even will have to celebrate it away from our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.

However do not worry as we have compiled some unique ideas you can implement at home or virtually to help make your mother feel special. Here are some amazing DIY ideas for a perfect Mother’s Day!

Flower Arrangement Sessions

Most mothers are obsessed with flowers and other gardening activities. Therefore, the best way to engage them is with a flower arrangement “date” this Mother’s Day. This is something she will cherish for a lifetime. All you need to do is collect some essentials for the same, decorate a special area for it, and sit with your mother while experimenting with new bouquets and floral arrangements.

Virtual Night

To all the sons and daughters away from their mothers, you can host a virtual night with her and the rest of the family members. It can be a virtual get-together for all of you, while staying safe from the pandemic. You can also plan a night out by arranging some fun games, quizzes, and virtual hunts. Your mother will be sure to enjoy this as all she wants is family time, with some fun and laughter.

Surprise Decorations

Mothers do not expect expensive gifts. Instead, they seek love and pampering. You can decorate the entry way for her, or decorate another special area she enjoys like maybe the deck or lanai. You can opt for floral decors as they are more welcoming than any fancy props.

Virtual Holiday Décor

Although it might be risky to take a flight, you can plan a virtual tour or decorate the house according to any of her dream destinations. You can prepare the food menu and plan themed activities according to her favorite place. This is the best idea to pamper her on her special day.

Meal Preparation

Prepare breakfast for your mom, serve her breakfast in bed, and give her a day off from her daily activities and some relief from hearing your sibling’s fights. This would be the best way to treat her on Mother’s Day. A mother spends her life caring for her family and fulfilling their wishes. Why not treat her like a Queen and shower her with love too?

Beauty Session

Although you may not be the expert in this field, a full beauty session, a spa day, or a massage would be a great gift for your mother. You can also opt for in-home appointments. Many online websites provide these services. You can also arrange a beauty session for her. This includes manicures, pedicures, a hair spa, a full body spa, a massage, and a facial. These are among the many activities she might enjoy but couldn’t due to her busy schedule.

Backyard Picnic Setup

There are many DIY options available on the internet. Scroll through any of them, decorate your backyard, set up a blanket, cover it up with her favorite snack platters, arrange some good music and you are good to go.

Art Activities

Mothers are always up for something creative and different. You can get some ideas online, grab a canvas and some colors, and let her paint your heart out.

Let’s celebrate a colorful Mother’s Day this year, away from fancy dinners and bright lights. All you need to do is fill it with joy and peace.

The team at Camp Live Oak wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

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