Six Ways to Get Moving This Summer

Summer is officially here, and it is time to get moving. The season is here for summer camp, camping trips, outdoor movie nights, summer game nights, and more. While it can be tempting to stay inside during the week and cozy up to the electronics, this can negatively impact a child’s physical well-being. Ensuring that kids are continuously moving this summer will provide an active experience. Here are some ways for kids to get moving this summer.

Summer Games

It is the season to try something new. Kids love adventure and are always willing to try something new. With that being said, hosting a summer game series for friends and family will be a fun-filled time your kids will enjoy. Make every Saturday a summer game time with new festivities on the list each week. With a variety of games to choose from, your kids will never be bored.


The act of guessing what favorite characters you are acting out brings about pure joy in kids. Bring extra excitement when hosting a summer charade night.

Dance Party

There is nothing better than putting on a family-friendly playlist and dancing to top hits. Wiggle and move it out either outside or indoors with a dance party. Perhaps even put on a few favorite videos and host a dancing competition. The person who can make up the best dance routine wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing will get kids more excited to move than a scavenger hunt. These games are a great way for kids to get up and moving. Scavenger hunts can be 30 minutes or longer depending on the number of clues there are. If clues are trickier, kids might take a little longer to figure them out. Nevertheless, scavenger hunts allow kids to practice thinking critically while getting some healthy exercise in as well.


An easy way to get kids moving while parents relax is by going to the pool. A neighborhood pool grants a nice way for kids to get moving in a way they will certainly enjoy. There are a ton of pool games kids will love, and they can keep themselves entertained for hours.


If there are trails nearby your home, consider taking a hike every weekend. Hikes are fun and family-oriented. Get away from the house for a few hours and try out new trails in the area. Hiking allows for exercise and fresh air to be soaked in. To make it even more adventurous, play a game on the way to your endpoint, such as I Spy.

Summer Sports

When summer arrives, school sports are also on pause. If your child regularly plays a sport at their school, consider enrolling them in a neighborhood league or even creating a team that plays once a week. This will allow for kids to get moving and socialize. Whether your child loves baseball, cheerleading, football, soccer, or hockey, get them moving in the ways they love.

Summer Camp

Let your kids indulge in a week away. They might have gone camping with family before, but have they experienced summer camp? Sign your child up for a week away at summer camp. Camp can offer fun and educational experiences for your child. Summer camp is also a great opportunity for kids to branch out and try new activities while meeting new people.

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