Teaching Kids About Harvest Season: Hands-On Learning Activities

Teaching kids about the harvest season can be a fun and educational experience for the entire family. It’s an opportunity to explore concepts like agriculture, seasons, and the importance of food production while spending quality time in apple orchards and corn mazes. If you’ve been on an apple-picking trip before, you know what we are talking about. 

To make the best of this fall season, here are some hands-on learning activities that can help children gain a deeper appreciation for the harvest season, understand where their food comes from, and learn valuable life skills along the way. Expert tip: tailor the activities to the age and interests of the children to make the experience even more engaging.

  • Visit a Local Farm

Take a field trip to a nearby farm during the harvest season. Kids can see crops being harvested and learn about different types of fruits and vegetables. Many farms offer guided tours that include picking your own produce, which is both educational and enjoyable for the whole family.

  • Gardening

Start a small garden or container garden with kids. Planting, caring for, and harvesting their own fruits or vegetables can teach them about the entire growth process. Choose crops that are easy to grow, like tomatoes, cucumbers, or pumpkins. Over time, this can become a family project that can lead to memorable moments and lessons. 

  • Apple Picking

In many regions, fall is synonymous with apple picking. Head over to a nearby apple orchard and let kids pick their own apples. While they fill their baskets with apples, you can discuss the apple life cycle, from blossom to fruit, and use the apples they’ve picked to make applesauce or apple pie together. 

  • Pumpkin Patch Visit

There is no other way to recreate the spirit of fall than to visit a pumpkin patch. If it’s a guided tour, kids can pick out their own pumpkins and learn about how pumpkins grow. You can even consider hosting a pumpkin carving or decorating session afterward in your neighborhood to get more people involved. 

  • Corn Maze Adventure

Corn mazes are always fun. If there is a local corn maze in your town, navigate it with the kids. While having fun, discuss how corn is grown, its various uses, and the significance of corn in many cultures and recipes. It surely won’t be ironic if you enjoyed some cornbread while exploring the maze. 

  • Scarecrow Building

If you and your kids like getting creative, build scarecrows with them using old clothes and straws. This can open the door to a discussion about the role of scarecrows in protecting crops and why they are used during the harvest season.

  • Harvest-themed Crafts

Engage in craft activities that relate to the harvest season. Create corn husk dolls, paint or decorate gourds, or make leaf rubbings with colorful fall leaves. These activities can help kids connect with the season’s natural beauty.

  • Fall Camp Days

If you are looking to give your child a well-rounded fall camping experience, consider sending them to a day camp. If you are unable to get time off work or have other commitments, Fall Camp Days at Camp Live Oak is the best way to induce the fall spirit in your children’s lives this season. 

Fall Activities and Field Trips at Camp Live Oak

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