Fall Is In the Air!

 November 20 – 24, 2023.  Registration is Now Open! 

The smell of fall is in the air! This year campers can enjoy the beautiful weather, friends, and activities during our fall camp at Birch State Park.

Let’s give thanks for all Mother Earth offers as we enjoy a cozy campfire with yummy treats. Although the fall season looks a little different in South Florida, there are still signs of the arrival of autumn. Let us go exploring into the woods and find these hidden treasures.

Thanksgiving camp will be held at Birch State park in Ft. Lauderdale. A 4-day package is available as well as daily rates.

If your child attended our summer program, welcome back! All you need to do is click on the Register Now tab and log in to your account. Forgot your password? No problem, just click on the Password Reset link on the login page and a new one will be sent to you via email.

Thanksgiving Rates

Day Camp (ages 5 – 13; 9:00- 3:30pm) 1 Camper
Thanksgiving Camp: Nov. 20 – 24 (No camp on Nov. 23) $312 ($15 off sibling discount)
Daily Rate $85 ($5 off sibling discount)
Thanksgiving Extended Care (10% Sibling Discount)
AM Care Weekly; Daily $16; $5 per day
PM Care Weekly; Daily $28; $10 per day
AM & PM Care Weekly; Daily $42; $15 per day

Monday, Nov 20 – Wind Day

  • Archery: Take aim at excitement with Pumpkin Printouts featuring different point values.
  • Science: Which way is the wind coming from and what can that tells us?  Campers will become familiar with compasses and how the wind affects weather.
  • Survival Skill: Observation Hike! Orienteering Scavenger Hunt, campers will learn the basics of reading a compass as they take a nature hike in the park.
  • Art: Wind down the day by creating your own Wind chimes with items found on the scavenger hunt and ones provided by camp.

Tuesday, Nov 21 – Water Day:

  • Science: Explore the mysteries of underwater life, learning about fish by learning their morphology.  Did you know you can become a better angler if you know what type of mouth a fish has?
  • Art: Can you tie knots?  Learn the skills of knot tying as we make a holder for a plant or water bottle carrier.
  • Fishing:  Cast a line and discover the joys of fishing.
  • Survival Skill:   Lashing, using our skill of knot tying, campers will learn how to lash rope to rope, wood to wood to create a shelter. 
  • Beach: Unwind on the sandy shores after a day filled with aquatic adventures. Weather permitting we will swim, if not we will comb the beach looking for treasure and sculpting in the sand.

Wednesday, Nov 22 – Rocks Day:

  • Art: Get hands-on with Sand Painting, creating vibrant masterpieces on canvas boards.
  • Science: Dive into the Earth’s secrets with activities exploring soil layers, types, and crafting Clay Boats.
  • Canoeing: Navigate Long Lake and embark on a treasure hunt on the hidden island!
  • Survival Skill: First Aid- Bumps, Scrapes and Breaks campers will learn how to treat them and how to avid getting them.

Friday, Nov 24 – Fire Day:

  • Art: Reveal hidden messages with Invisible Ink creations.
  • Science: Harness the power of the sun with a Solar Oven cooking Metamorphic Rock Cookies activity.
  • Survival Skill: Campfire! Build a fire and savor the sweet taste of roasted marshmallows.
  • Gopher Tortoise Hike: Connect with nature on a hike to discover the fascinating world of Gopher Tortoises and learn what a tortoise has to do with fire.

Camp Live Oak’s Thanksgiving Camp promises an immersive experience where campers not only learn about the elements but also build lasting memories. Secure your child’s spot for a week of nature-filled education and adventure!  


This has been the first camp ever that my son didn’t complain about going in the morning, but he did tell me about the friends he made and the things he did. We love this camp!

Mrs. P

We are really happy with Camp Live Oak and our daughter Georgia can’t wait for Winter Session!

Mrs. L

Loved the fact that the camp worked with me and kept my son very active every day. He definitely wasn’t bored.

Mrs. Y