The Father’s Day Adventures Dads Will Love

Every dad is unique, just like each of his children, he has a unique style complete with distinct likes and dislikes. With Father’s Day nearly here, everyone is looking for ways to give Dad the perfect gift. This year, how about giving dad an adventure instead of a more traditional Father’s Day gift? No one knows your dad better than you, and if he’s like most dads, his favorite part of this gift will be the fact he gets to spend it with you. Here are some great Father’s Day adventures to get you started on your quest to create a memorable Father’s Day for your dad.

Plan a Trip with Dad

If your dad is the outdoor type, choose a day trip for hiking in your favorite state park or kayaking among the mangroves. Your dad might even enjoy a weekend away. You could try pitching your tent and camping. All you’ll need is tent and some gear, then you can get the campfire started, make delicious gooey s’mores, and share memories or listen to dad’s stories about the good ole days. If camping isn’t your dad’s thing, maybe a weekend away at an amusement park could be the perfect adventure. Rollercoasters and cotton candy are hard to beat! Plus, you and your dad might get lucky and win one of those giant stuffed animals as you share a friendly competition at the carnival games.

Fishing, Surfing, and Golfing, Oh My!

Fishing, surfing, or golfing offer great outdoor activities you and your dad can enjoy together. Fishing and golfing may be cliché or classic Father’s Day outings, but if your dad enjoys either, it makes the perfect choice! Fishing, whether from the shore of your favorite lake, river, pond, or from the ocean’s shore; aboard your ocean-going vessel for a saltwater fishing adventure; or in your canoe or on your paddleboard, is great fun, especially when one of you reel in the catch of the day!

If fishing is a little too tame and quiet for your dad, you could take dad out for a day of catching the waves on the Atlantic. Don’t know how to surf like the pros? Try your hand a body surfing or boogie boarding while you enjoy a beautiful beach day together. After all, it’s all about having fun with dad!

A round of golf, next to fishing, may be the most traditional way to celebrate Father’s Day. You could challenge dad to 18 holes at his favorite golf club or maybe 36 holes at your favorite mini-golf venue. Either can be a great way to spend some fun, quality time with dad.

And so what if you’ve never done it before, if it’s something you two will enjoy doing together, then sign up for a lesson or two and learn together. Fishing, golfing, and surfing lessons give you and your dad the perfect way to hang out and learn and just think, what a great story you’ll have to share! You might even just find a new hobby to do together all the time!

Out of the Ordinary Ideas

If you want to invite dad into your world of fun and adventure, try these not-so-classic, over-the-top ideas for Father’s Day adventure. Option 1 – Take your dad out to the local go-kart speedway and challenge him to race. You’ll both enjoy the thrill, excitement, and competition! Option 2 – Dare your dad to take you on in paintball competition. A friendly, exhilarating battle might be just what dad has always wanted. Option 3 – Plan a spa day with dad! Think about it, your dad probably rarely gets pampered. Treat him to a day at the spa, complete with massage, haircut, facial, and luxury shave.

Whatever you choose, dad is sure to love spending his Father’s Day with you, which is always the one thing he enjoys the most! Happy Father’s Day!

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