What to Pack and Not Pack for Summer Camp

When it comes to summer camp, kids often push packing to the last minute. And this is the time when disastrous packing tends to occur. It’s either they leave behind essentials or pack what they don’t need in plenty. To help them out, here is a list of what to pack and not pack for summer camp:  

What to Pack

Here are essential items your kids must include during packing. Also, remember to counter check whether they have everything they need and none of the items they don’t require. 

  •     Medical Prescription

If your kid has a prescription to follow, ensure you reach out to camp managers.  Discuss and agree on how it will be stored and administered to your kid. Most importantly, bring along the doctor’s letter and submit it with the prescription to the relevant authority. Besides prescription, getting a pack of fiber gummies for your kid is great. This will help them in case they suffer from constipation. 

  •     Sleep necessities

Help your child sleep well by packing the right sleep necessities. These include items like:

o   Sleeping bag – this will protect them from cold at night when the temperature drops. 

o   Fitted sheet – will prevent the sleeping bag from slipping off the mattress when they’re sleeping. 

o   Pillow – oftentimes, they’re not available for borrowing. 

  •     Bug bite treatment cream

Insect bites are common during summer camps; therefore, you should get treatment cream for your kid. And as you do that, ensure it doesn’t cause skin irritation on your child. 

  •     Shoes – pack shoes for various weather and situations 

o   Sandals

o   Rain boots

o   Flip-flops 

o   Closed-toe shoes 

  •     Towels – they should pack at least two towels 
  •     Clothing 

o   Several pairs of underwear and socks

o   Get them swimsuits that adhere to the camp’s guideline

o   Light jacket, sweatshirt 

o   Pajamas for comfortable sleeping at night

o   Jeans and some shorts 

  •     Snacks – foods are not recommended for summer camp, however, snacks are allowed in certain camps. Therefore, reach out to the camp to check if they are allowing snacks. 
  •     Special Clothing – when it comes to horse riding, fishing, or playing sports, the kids will need special clothing. Also, they may need special equipment, therefore, confirm this requirement with the camp before packing them. 
  •     Fun Extras – this depends on the camp you’re going to. Oftentimes, camps set specific themes of the season where kids get to create and wear colorful costumes. 
  •     Bag pack – since they might embark on hiking, a portable backpack that fits your kids’ back is essential. Also, remember to include a mesh bag for storing wet items during their adventure. 

What not to pack

The following list contains items that your kids will not need during camping. Therefore, ensure they don’t pack them otherwise it will be a waste of storage space. 

  •     Cell Phones
  •     Irreplaceable items 
  •     Valuables like watches and jewelry 
  •     Food Items
  •     Weapons
  •     Hazardous pieces of equipment 
  •     Pets
  •     One water bottle
  •     Aerosol cans – bring instead insect repellants 
  •     Electronics like kindles, laptops, video games, and tablets

Final Take

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