What to Put in a Camp Care Package

Is it summer or springtime break? Well, this is the best time to treat the young fellows to an amazing camping experience. In this case, we’re offering you with the best ideas on what to put in a camp care package. With any of these items in your kids’ care package, they’re bound to have an amazing time:

  •     Notes

You can help them enjoy every moment at the camp with encouraging notes. To turn this into something amazing and surprising, don’t pack an entire book with notes. Instead, split it into various pieces and place them in their luggage. 

As they unpack or retrieve various staff from their luggage, they’ll stumble upon your notes and read them. Also, you can confirm whether the camp allows mail. If they do so, this is another channel through which you can share your notes of encouragement.

  •     Cash

During the first week, the camper is bound to spend their entire pocket money. Finding different snacks and items that are at their disposal to buy, they’ll finish their cash unknowingly. Therefore, packing extra cash in their luggage will be a great surprise, especially when they’re broke.

  •     Candy

Kids love candy, and including it in their care package will make them extremely happy. In this case, you can buy their favorite candies and include them in the package. 

  •     Stuffed animal

If they have a favorite doll or stuffed animal at home, ensure you include it in the package. Finding their favorite cuddly stuffed animal will boost their camping spirit. On their bunkers, they’ll look cute and when sleeping, they’ll have something to cuddle. It will also be a conversation starter among their peers, especially if they’re struggling to bond. 

  •     Pen and Journal

It’s important to encourage your kid to save every great moment in a journal through writing. It’s the best way to help them through moments where they can’t share their ordeal but they can write it down. Also, you can get them journals that support sticking pictures in case they want to be creative. 

  •     Small Games

During their free time, the camper may want to play with their staff. And this is the part where small games come in handy. You can include the likes of cootie catcher, bouncy ball, yoyo, and Frisbee, among others

  •     Decoration

Only consider this if your camper loves their spaces decorated. If they do, you can include stickers with their favorite characters, battery-powered lights, wall banners, and others. Anything they can use for decoration will be the right choice here.

  •     Extra supplies

There are personal items that can run out when they’re still camping. In that case, you must include them as extra supplies. Such items include a toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing suit, running shoes, and body lotion, among others. Also, if they’re on medication, ensure there’s enough for the entire camping period. Also, if you’re taking these staff to them, you can ask them if there’s something they need. 

Getting Started 

Please note, these are just ideas on what to include in your kid’s camp care package. The important step is to pick those to include based on your kids’ interests. Most importantly, go for those options that will excite them. Besides the surprises in the care package, you can intrigue your camper with the best choice of camp. 

Camp Live Oak, for instance, has an amazing reputation among kids and parents across Florida and the country at large. They’ve got diverse camp activities to ensure all the campers get enough exposure. Therefore, whether you’re planning the care package for summer or spring camp, contact Camp Live Oak.

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