Kids at aquarium looking into fish tankIt’s never too early to get kids excited about science! Some kids have a natural urge to learn more about the science behind our vast oceans. Florida is the perfect place for kids to learn all about marine science thanks to the marine life present throughout our beautiful State.

For all of these reasons we have added marine science to our list of summer camp activities. Marine science camp gives kids the unique opportunity to work with professional marine scientists catching fish, snorkeling, testing water conditions, and other hands-on ocean-based activities. There are also plenty of traditional camp activities such as games, swimming, tug of war, canoeing and good old fashioned BBQs.

If your child is a fan of fish, whales and the great big blue ocean they will love our newest marine science summer camp activities. Here are 7 signs your child will LOVE learning more about marine science at camp this summer.

1. Your Child Asks Endless Questions About The Ocean
Marine science, also referred to as oceanography, is a branch of Earth science that studies the ocean. Therefore, if your child has a lot of questions about the ocean they are naturally going to love the answers provided by marine science.

The ocean is an exciting body of water that appears endless in size. This prompts kids to ask all kinds of questions, sometimes even forcing parents to resort to Google for the right answers. Kids are smart and curious, simply exposing them to something as magical as the ocean is guaranteed to spark wonder. If your child has more questions than usual about the ocean they will love learning the answers hands-on.

At marine science camp kids are given many unique learning opportunities, including a look at the ocean’s Midnight and Twilight Zones, and the chance to create their own deep-sea creatures.

2. Your Child Loves Going To The Beach More Than Anything Else
If asking your child what they want to do this weekend usually ends in “go to the beach” your kid is born to study marine science. Children that enjoy spending time at the beach are naturally interested in the science behind their favorite hangout. The beach offers a world of unique activities like paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, all of which your child will have the chance to enjoy at marine science camp.

Camp will give your child the opportunity to explore the ocean in all new ways, such as snorkeling beneath the surface to check out gorgeous displays of coral reef.
3. Your Child’s Favorite Animals Are Marine Creatures, Such As Sharks, Whales and Walruses
The ocean is full of amazing creatures, both big and small. If your child has a special affection for sharks, whales, dolphins or any other ocean animals they will enjoy learning more about their favorite creatures and the habitat they call home. Marine science camp will teach your child way more about these awesome creatures, as well as the importance of preserving their environment.

4. Your Child Is Known To Dress Up As A Mermaid
While mermaids are not real (at least not that we know of) they still live in the ocean according to mythology and fairytales. If your child has dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween, or just for fun, they might be interested in learning more about what really goes on deep under water.

5. Your Child Loves Swimming
In order to learn more about marine science kids will spend time out in the water. If your child loves hanging out in the water this will make their experiences that much more exciting.

6. Your Child Enjoys Fishing
If casting a line out into the water is something your child enjoys doing, or they have at least expressed interest in wanting to try, they will love our marine science programs. As part of the learning process campers are given the opportunity to practice line-fishing, crab-trapping, seine-netting, and plankton-netting.

7. Your Child Has A Microscope Or Other Science Tools As “Toys”
When campers are not busy collecting ocean samples and diving down to observe coral reefs they will have a chance to use microscopes and other tools to analyze collected materials. If your child has ever asked for a microscope they are sure to enjoy learning how to properly use scientific tools from real scientists using their own sample collections.

The Never Ending Benefits Of Marine Science Summer Camp

Sending your child to marine science camp opens up a world of new opportunities and knowledge. The earlier kids learn about science in a hands-on fashion the more likely they will be to peruse more knowledge in the future. A week of marine science camp could lead to your child’s future career, you never know!

Camp Live Oak now offers Marine Science Camp full of enriching, hands-on activities that offer unmatched fun and learning. Our unique program utilizes the 5 key principles of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology Engineering, and Math). Our accredited staff works in conjunction with some of the top marine science teams in Florida, granting kids real-world knowledge and first hand experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

This has been the first camp ever that my son didn’t complain about going in the morning, but he did tell me about the friends he made and the things he did. We love this camp!

Mrs. P

We are really happy with Camp Live Oak and our daughter Georgia can’t wait for Winter Session!

Mrs. L

Loved the fact that the camp worked with me and kept my son very active every day. He definitely wasn’t bored.

Mrs. Y