5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Science

You can get kids excited about science by taking advantage of the hands-on activities and educational resources offered at Camp Live Oak. Parents also have several tools at their disposal to get kids engaging with science from the comfort of home.

Science is so much more than a subject taught in school. It’s a collection of theories and proven methods that explain how the world works—from why the planet rotates to your body’s natural functions. Kids are always asking “why,” and science has a lot of answers to offer.

Great Ways To Get Your Kids More Excited About Science

1. Enroll Your Child in Camp Live Oak’s Science Program

We rely on a variety of hands-on experiments and activities to get kids excited about science, including embarking on archeological digs, dissecting squids and building worm composts—just to name a few. Our science instructors focus on a variety of subjects from modern space exploration to ancient dinosaurs. Campers are divided up into small groups so that everyone receives ample benefits from each experiment, lesson and opportunity.

Learn more about our Science Program and enrollment dates by visiting: https://www.campliveoakfl.com/science/

2. Hold Experiments at Home Using the Scientific Method

Put on science experiments at home and use the official scientific method to report your findings. Science is not about having all the answers, it’s about trying to find them and there are still so many things scientists are trying to understand.

Start by creating a paper labeled with materials, hypothesis (what you think will happen), experiment details, data gathered, discoveries made, and conclusion. Have your child fill out the paper as you move through the experiment fueled by excitement over discovering if their hypothesis is correct or not. There are many fun science experiments you can find online and conduct at home using basic supplies and materials.

3. Get Kids Interacting with Nature 

Science is more than just beakers and data, it’s a desire to help the natural world combat modern day issues. Hence how an interest in science often derives from personal connections to the physical world. By getting your child involved in beach clean-up efforts or animal rescue missions, they are exposed to challenges our natural world faces. Simply getting your kid out in local parks and beaches helps expose them to the natural world and gets them interested in things like season changes, diverse eco systems and so forth.

Remember, it’s not about stuffing kids with numbers and terms, but instead showing them all the ways they could help make the world a better place using their scientific knowledge and imagination.

4. Every Day Offers a Chance to Talk About Science

Science is all around us; it relates to weather patterns, plants, animals, cooking, and so much more. Use any and every opportunity to shed light on knowledge derived through science. Take trips to your local museum, go for nature walks, or simply boil a pot of water together while making dinner. There are opportunities in all these things to get your kid excited about science by relating it to the real world.

5. Tune Into Your Child’s Interests

Science is not limited by personal interests or talents—in fact, science relates to all facets of life. What does your child go gaga for; is it dinosaurs, the ocean, or computers and technology? Is your child obsessed with people watching? Perhaps social sciences will play a role in their future. Find out about ongoing science endeavors in areas your child gravitates towards to make learning feel more naturally fun.

We’d love to show your child the wonders of science at Camp Live Oak! Learn more by visiting https://www.campliveoakfl.com/science/

This has been the first camp ever that my son didn’t complain about going in the morning, but he did tell me about the friends he made and the things he did. We love this camp!

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We are really happy with Camp Live Oak and our daughter Georgia can’t wait for Winter Session!

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