Activities To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer is the best season to go out and enjoy everything nature has to offer. The long hours of sunshine and lack of wet and cold weather makes summer the best time for camping, especially for kids as it keeps them creatively engaged. Every day at summer camp is an unforgettable experience. Here are some fun, thrilling, and challenging activities to consider this summer.

  1.     Go for a Hike.

Going for a hike is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get outside. Make an activity out of it and go for a group hike. The best hike for campers will depend on several factors. How long the hike will be, the hardness of the terrain to navigate, and the elevation gain. After all, you want to ensure everybody is safe while they enjoy hiking.

  1.     Water Balloon Dodgeball

Kids want a fun way to cool off on those hot days at summer camp. And what better way to do that than with a water balloon fight. It is even better when combined with dodgeball. This is an activity everyone can get involved in and it promotes bonding and teamwork among campers. Water balloons are children friendly favorite for summer, it is always a blast.

  1.     Canoeing

Canoeing is another great way for campers to experience the scenery and the wilderness around them. Participating in canoeing or kayaking allows campers to get out and exercise in a fun, adventurous way. This activity, like other summer ideas, bonds campers and teaches them to be responsible as they take part in a unique experience.

  1.     Stargazing

Stargazing and relaxing is the best way to end off a day of outdoor fun and exploration. It is an accessible activity that campers of all ages can enjoy. This provides an educational opportunity for children as well. See which star patterns and constellations can be seen at night and explain to your campers how the stars move in the sky with seasons.

  1.     Scavenger Hunt

A good old-fashioned hunt is a camp classic. It always proves to be a fun experience for campers. It creates a healthy competition that helps campers to build and enhance their problem-solving skills. After a day full of fun activities, you can end the scavenger hunt at a big bonfire for everyone to get together and hang out with new friends.

  1.     Wakeboarding and Water Sports

Different kinds of water sports are some of the simplest and most exciting things for campers to take part in. Water sports activities like tubing, banana boating, and wakeboarding are high-speed and exciting that everyone can experience. These camp activities provide a basis for everyone to gain new skills while enjoying a wild ride with friends. They create an intense sensation on the open water and are a huge thrill for campers who take part.

  1.     Scrapbooking and Journaling

Scrapbooking and journaling is a wonderful opportunity to get introspective and come up with beautiful collages for summer camp memories. On one hand, journaling is a good exercise for more introverted campers. They may need it but don’t know how to articulate it. It allows them a quiet and peaceful time to reflect on the time spent at camp. On the other hand, scrapbooking is a precious way to capture memories. Use an instant camera to take camper’s photos and give them printouts. They use these printouts to make their scrapbook more personalized.

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