Back-to-School: 7 Ways to Ease the Transition

Going back to school can be a mentally and physically exhausting ordeal for a lot of kids. It represents having to wake up early, preparing for school, taking care of homework, and all the other activities in between. So, it’s not surprising that many kids are not particularly fond of being sent back to school after months of vacation. 

What can you do as a parent to make your kid’s transition back into school life easier and smoother? If that’s a concern you have right now, then you are at the right place! Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when preparing your children to go back to school after a long, fun summer. 

Talk About It 

One of the best ways to start to get back into the school schedule is to talk about it with your child. Start mentioning school and ask them how they feel about it. Many kids experience anxiety as the new school sessions nears. So, it is best to have a conversation about it and start monitoring their schedule towards the end of vacation. This will help you realign their schedule and give them ample time to adjust as well. 


Many kids do not meet with their friends regularly during vacation. So, make sure that your child has reconnected with their friends before school begins to make their transition much easier as they would have a buddy to be with from the start. 

School Supplies

There is a ton of rush to get school supplies when school is about to re-open. You should try and avoid this as much as possible. Get your kids’ back-to-school supplies as early as you can. A lot of back-to-school sales start as early as July, and you can get some of the best supplies at amazing prices. 

Bedtime Routine

Before your child or children go back to school, it is important to establish a proper night-time routine. This is essential so they are not exhausted, tired, or cranky on their first day back to school. Lethargy reduces the brain’s capacity to learn and also lessens productivity, so ensure that your kids get plenty of shut eye before school starts. 


A lot of schools assign reading work or other homework for children to complete during their vacation. The last thing you want is for your child to have to cram all their homework in a week before school reopens. So, ensure all assignments are finished at least a week before school starts to avoid extra stress. 

Prepare Yourself

In addition to preparing your kids to go back to school, you also need to prepare yourself. It can be a significant change for parents as their kids go back to school. So, make sure you are on a schedule that allows you to take care of your children’s needs as well as yours. 

Summer Camps 

Summer camps are great as they have tons of activities so there is something for every kid. But more importantly, it keeps them active, allows them to develop social skills, and helps them adjust to a variety of social encounters. Sending your kids to a summer camp for a couple of weeks before school begins will help them adjust to life back in school and make their transition smoother. 

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