A Fun Way for South Florida Teens to Earn Community Service Hours

Community service hours help teens fulfill certain high school requirements and embellish college resumes, all while teaching valuable life skills. Teens love our Teen Eco Experience, it allows them to accumulate community service hours and have a whole lot of fun! The program involves working alongside certified teachers and college students to help campers complete activities in a safe and orderly fashion during a portion of their day at camp. This special program is catered to teens 14 to 16-years-old.

Community Service Options for Teens in Spring & Summer

Our Spring Teen Eco Program is a scaled down version of our Summer Teen Eco Program. Teens are assigned to a group of campers between 5 and 10-years-old. They work with campers, certified teachers, and college students to provide hands-on help, supervision, and friendship too. The time spent working with campers earns community service hours accepted by high schools and colleges. 

The Summer Teen Eco Program is very similar but includes a wider variety of activities and field trips programmed specifically for the 14-16 year-old group. Teens are learning and experiencing new things while using their life skills to help younger generations. We know how busy teens are these days, which is why we offer a variety of programs to work around even the busiest schedules.

Teens that participate in the Teen Eco Experience are welcomed to join us for the following activities as well:

Career Exploration: An educational program focused on available careers in Environmental Education. This course is guided by actual industry professionals.

Community Service Project: Teens have a chance to work together to complete a project that directly benefits a local park in a lasting way.

Group Project: Teens work in groups to create an Innovative Creation out of recycled materials and renewable energy sources.

Environmental Science: Teens learn more about Florida’s diverse ecosystems and marine biology, as well as renewable energy and conservation efforts.

Team Building: Teens learn all about character development, leadership skills, problem solving and more, all through fun and interactive activities.

Outdoor Skills: Teens learn about using natural resources, such as medicinal plants and primitive cooking, as well as wildlife identification.

First Aid & CPR Training: All our Leaders In Training are offered the opportunity to get certified in CPR and First Aid.

Scuba Diving: This full-day program teaches teens how to breathe underwater using scuba diving gear. All time spent in the water goes towards Basic Open Water Certification for teens that want to continue scuba diving.

Field Trips: Teens go on a variety of field trips and work with different non-profit South Florida organizations.

Benefits of Community Service for Teens

Teens benefit personally, professionally, and academically from their community service hours, and at the same time they are helping the local community—a true win-win.

Benefits of volunteering include:

-Community service teaches teens the importance of social responsibility; it encourages teens to give back and help others.

-It provides eye-opening exposure to multiculturalism and diversity.

-It gives teens a chance to apply academics to real life experiences, promoting greater appreciation for what they learn in and out of classrooms.

-It helps teens build important social connections with adults, peers and activists.

-It helps strengthen communication and critical thinking skills.

-Community service hours look great on college applications. College admission officers are on the lookout for good GPAs and SAT scores, but it takes more than that to stand out. Community service hours are a great way to get a leg up on the competition and appear well-rounded.

-It gives students something to write about on college essays, providing the perfect examples for how they have conquered issues, helped their community, etc.

-These experiences can help teens uncover passions they otherwise wouldn’t know about, potentially leading them on a path to their future career.

-Community service is a great way to add work experience to work resumes for teens with little to no work experience.

As you can see, there are ample benefits to volunteering for teens. Teens have a lot of options when it comes to volunteering, but our Teen Eco Program is uniquely enriching for teens who love learning new things, being active outdoors, and working with kids.

This has been the first camp ever that my son didn’t complain about going in the morning, but he did tell me about the friends he made and the things he did. We love this camp!

Mrs. P

We are really happy with Camp Live Oak and our daughter Georgia can’t wait for Winter Session!

Mrs. L

Loved the fact that the camp worked with me and kept my son very active every day. He definitely wasn’t bored.

Mrs. Y