How to Choose the Best Summer Camp

For over a century, summer camps for kids have been a tradition in the US for an important reason. And many pieces of research point to the critical role it plays in a child’s development. For instance, kids learn about basic life skills that help them even in adulthood. And for the first time, they grow and explore the world away from their watchful parents. All thanks to the inspiring and supportive camp counselors as their role models. 

Today, there are more summer camps with diverse interests, schedules, and price ranges. Also, you may find those specializing in specific skill sets. As a result of this, it can be overwhelming to choose one for your kid. But with these tips on how to choose the best summer camp, you’ll find the best one: 

Determine your Expectation

This is a crucial starting point. You should establish what experience you want your child to gain from the camp. Also, you can engage them in this stage to check what they have in mind. Remember, it’s your kid going to the summer camp. Therefore, be flexible in your decision about where they should go by allowing them to contribute. For instance, if they have an interest in sport, consider sport-related summer camps. If they want to have fun and explore various interests, then an all-around summer camp will do.

Choose Genre

Now that you know what they’re interested in, it’s time to pick the genre. And some of the popular options include:


If you want them to continue learning during the summer, then academic summer camp will do. They combine education with exciting fun activities. 


Traditional summer camps offer the typical camping experience you must have had as a kid. Their activities include archery, campfires, and jungle exploration, among others.


As the name suggests, art camps explore your kids’ artistic interests. They include activities like visual arts, drawing, and painting. And there are camps which offer computer-based art programs. 

Special Needs

If you have a handicapped kid, then special needs summer camps will provide them with the best experience. 


Athletic summer camps are the best fit for kids who love sports. In these camps, your kid will gain new skills and improve their skills.


While camps are more affordable nowadays, their prices vary significantly. However, don’t focus so much on the budget. Instead, consider the experience your kid will gain from attending one of these camps. 


There are three major types of camps based on the schedule. There is overnight, day camp, and virtual camp. Depending on how old your child is and whether you’re okay with them being away, you can choose any of these three. 

For instance, a virtual camp provides them with a camping experience while they are at home. Overnight camp means they’ll sleep over there. And day camp means they’ll spend the day at the camp and night with you at home.   

Camp Setting, Vibe, and Tone

The camp setting, vibe, and tone have a vital role in the experience your child will get at the camp. Therefore, consider the small things that will have an impact on your kid’s summer camp experience. For instance, you may consider fun activities, camp location, or quirky traditions, among others. 

Final Take 

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