What To and Not To Pack for Camp

Camping provides fun ways of exploring nature and connecting with your surroundings. While it allows you to experience some of the most wonderful places in a way staying in a hotel cannot, what and how you pack for camping can impact your comfort and the ability to enjoy the camping activities. The following packing list provides you tips on essentials you need to pack and what you should leave at home to fully enjoy your camping experience.

What To Pack For Camping

  1.     Clothes and Shoes

Choosing lightweight fabrics is important when it comes to clothes, especially if you are using a duffel bag or backpacking. Make sure to pack a breathable jacket, wool socks, trail runners or hiking boots, water shoes, swimsuit, pajamas, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants for cooler nights.

  1.     Eating And Drinking Essentials

Most of the times camps require you to have your own meals. As such, make sure you pack utensils for cooking and eating, camping stove, cookware, reusable water bottle, food, snacks, water filtration, pocket knife, and cooler box.

  1.     Personal Care Items

Be selective with your personal care items and pack only the important basic necessities. They include items such as a first aid kit, toilet paper, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-itch ointment, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and painkillers.

  1.     Tools For Navigation

If you plan to hike or travel to multiple places during camping, tools that will guide and ensure your safety are essential. These tools include flashlights, portable GPS, compass, travel lantern, and extra batteries.

  1.     Sleeping And Other Camp Necessities

Your bunk calls for a sleeping bag whether you are camping in a tent or a cabin. Since the mattresses used at sleepaway camps are usually rubber, packing a fitted sheet, and pillows are also essential. 

  1.     Entertainment

Camping is the best time to spend quality time with family and friends without common high-tech distractions. You can maximize the fun by carrying binoculars, kayaking gear, playing cards, a camera, bikes, S’mores ingredients, board games, and fishing gear.

What Not to Pack for Camping

  •     Electronics: Leave the gadgets at home for an exceptional summer camp experience, since most summer camps will not allow you to bring in electronics.
  •     Weapons: Since summer camps offer programs such as archery, they have all the tools you need for your classes. The summer camp counselors are prepared with everything necessary to ensure your safety.
  •     Valuables: Leave anything valuable to you such as nice clothing you do not want to be ruined or expensive jewelry that may be misplaced or get lost.
  •     Food items: Some camps may not require you to carry foodstuffs. Depending on the summer camp you are visiting, it is crucial to inquire beforehand what you are not supposed to carry. Other items that you should not bring to the camp include alcohol, pets, inappropriate reading materials, hairsprays, perfume, cosmetics. 

While there is a list of items you should pack and not pack for your next summer camp, it is important to inquire about the park you will be visiting to determine what you should carry depending on the activities available.

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Summer camp is also a great way to eliminate or minimize your kids’ screen time, encourage a connection with nature, support healthy living, and create lifetime memories. If you are looking for a great camping site, Camp Live Oak is worth considering. 


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